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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Amaze Theme Park - Coming Soon

It was 2010, things were changing, debates were commencing. These debates were not like any old debate, this debate was about the fate of the land.

Towards the west coast of Wales, July 2010, was a piece of un-touched land. They called it 'no-mans-world', because they thought no one owned it, no one went there and no one cared - at least for that month.

A man named Jordan Richards came along looking to open up a business franchise for a laser tag company. He was looking for a spot of land to start building the grounds for the ultimate laser attraction. Unfortunately for him, his application got denied with the notice "NO ROOM". After that he lost all interest in the franchise market and decided he wanted to do something bigger, something better, something AMAZING. That's when he got the idea, the idea of the UK's amazing adventure, the idea of Amaze Theme Park!

Now he really wanted to find land fast, as room was running out. He went through file, by file looking for room to start building. He was also looking for support in building such a place. One day, he was walking along the coast of Pembroke when he met a group of theme park enthusiasts. They did have jobs though, they were a mixed group of builders, cleaners and police men. All 10 in total (including Jordan).

The 10 of them went down to the planning office to check for availability again, declined with "NO ROOM". They all sat down in the office with a big sulk, the woman at the desk said "Why are you so bothered anyway and even if there was room, how would you get the money for such a place?". The 10 of them walked out in rage.

2 weeks later one of the police men with in the group said. "Hey, what about a fundraiser? If we got enough people to sign that they wanted land and a theme park made by us, we may stand a chance!". One of the cleaners replied "Yeah, but I don't think we'd get enough people". They started planning it all out. In the end the overall plan was to post letters through as many doors as possible in wales with the petition and an envelope to put as much money as they wanted towards the funds. 

4 weeks later they started doing this, they set out every day, 9 hours a day posting the letters through as many doors as possible until 3 weeks later. By that time they were exhausted so they checked their mail PO box.

TO THEIR DELIGHT - there were hundreds if not thousands of letters singing the petition. They spent hours counting all the money out and sorting it into piles as well as gathering the petitions. As they looked through the pile, they spotted one letter, it had a red ribbon around it with a note attached. It said 

Dear friends,
you may not know me, but I guarantee you've heard of me and nor do I know you. I am a wealthy guy, very wealthy, a star, very famous. I am a billionaire.

It has come to my attention that you are in need of land and funds, well I have a huge spot of land that I never use, it was a long-term investment I made a while back, when I was not as wealthy. I never use it now. Hey, you may of heard of it, people call it "no-mans-world". But anyway I am getting old now and I want to put that land to good use, so here, take the land (all the papers are attached with this note.) Also I have left a sum of money to help with the funding of the park.

I hope you and the park a great feature. Who knows, I may visit sometime, but I highly doubt it as I'm very busy, well see.

An Old Friend

They read the letter in disbelief. Then they read the papers, it was true! They then saw the envelope, inside being £50,000,000! They jumped and leaped around with joy, they were very happy. 

They then had a meeting. They looked at the land they had been given. They saw that the only way to get to the land was by a train built back in 2007. The train was run down, not in use and traveled INTO the mountains. The whole land was surrounded by trees and hills, so there was no room for a road. They asked the builder to help with it. He replied "I can get my crew to work on it. I'll need a lot of money though". Jordan replied: "No problem there!". They all laughed. 

Weeks later the train was finally complete. It turned out that the main matter that the train was not fixed was money, because they needed new carriages.
. (The old ones were all rusted worn out and unsafe.)

After the train was complete they all caught the train to the land they had been given and froze in disbelief when they saw it.

It was time to start the construction, they got to work and the park is coming! Amaze Theme Park Is Coming!
After they had got to work on the main entrance they sent out this promotional poster around the UK. Advertising it as "An AMAZING UK theme park" - word-play. It was good thing Jordan was a graphics designer. He made the poster and the main park logo.

I hope you are looking forward to my first ever RCT3 park! Make sure you check back often to receive the latest park news!

Monday, 3 September 2012

How to make your chain & launch speeds as fast as you want in RCT3

This handy cheat disables all limits on chain and launch speeds! That means you can have a coaster going up a chain 10,000mph!

Simply name a peep "David Braben" for the cheat to take effect!

How to make your OWN fireworks in RCT3

This awesome cheat allows you to unlock the advanced firework editor for RCT3! The editor allows you to create your own awesome fireworks with ease!

To unlock the editor name a peep in your park "Guido Fawkes"

To use this awesome editor go to scenery then click on Firework Displays, then add a firework display. Finally click on advanced firework editor!

Happy firework-making! 

How to drive a buggy in RCT3

This funny cheat is useful for RCT3 movies as when you use it, it makes a buggy appear. Allowing you to drive it as you wish! Some people like to make obstacle courses for their buggy to drive around in! Also you can also use it to make your peeps dive to the ground when you drive into them!

Use the arrow keys to drive around! When finished you can exit the buggy view by hovering down to the bottom left with you mouse and clicking 'Leave CoasterCam'.

To DELETE the buggy, it's as simple as deleting scenery, delete it as if it were a piece of scenery.
To accomplish this cheat, just simply name a peep "James Hunt".

Make all guests cheer in RCT3

This cheat comes in handy for those either making RCT3 movies, pictures or just want to have a good laugh.

Simply name a peep "Atari".

How to make rides never break down in RCT3

This cheat is great for those wanting to focus more on the park layout and style rather than simulating realistic theme park happenings. Make rides NEVER EVER brake down by naming a peep "Frontier"

Now you don't have to waste your park money on mechanics and you can please the inspectors with good ride reliability!

Unlimited Coaster Height

This is a simple cheat, simply name a peep John Wardley.

It allows you to build coasters as high as you want! So now you won't have to worry about how high, instead, SEE what outrageous high coasters you can build!

Hope this helped.

How to install custom scenery on RCT3.

In this guide I will explain how to install MOST Custom Scenery sets. By MOST I'm talking about scenery items that DO NOT involve...

  • ride events
  • particles
  • stalls
  • firework stands
  • benches
  • bins
  • park entrances
  • cars/trains
  • rides
  • And others that need certain parts of their files to be placed in MORE than one folder.
Most of the ones listed above probably have a readme.txt file anyway, so read that and there should be instructions on the installation there.

Okay so now you know WHAT TYPE of files I'm talking about, it's time to tell you how to install them files to RCT3.

PLEASE NOTE: It is at your own risk that you install these files, I am not responsible for any loss of data. Remember to back up your RCT3 folders just INCASE you did something wrong. It is important that you make sure you have the required expansion packs required for certain scenery.
STEP 1: Locate the Themed RCT3 folder.

First try copying and pasting the following into the location bar (found at the top of the windows explorer window.)

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\Style\Themed"

Then hit enter.

If that did not work try this:

  • Go to computer/my computer
  • click on 'C:/'
  • then click program files or program files (x86)
  • then click 'Atari'
  • then click 'RollerCoaster Tycoon 3'
  • scroll down then click on ''Style'
  • then click 'Themed'
You should then be in the right place with a list of genres, this is where we will be extracting our .zip files.

STEP 2: Extract your downloaded .zip files

You could either use Windows Explorer to open the zip file or a different extracting program, try googling one. I'm pretty sure you'd fine a free downloadable one.

Once extracted, make sure you read ANY readme file, it could be important. Then copy the files from that .zip file and paste them in the directory - [step 1]

STEP 3: Test and debug
Restart/run Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and go to sandbox mode, then try looking through all the scenery types/genres and try to find what you were looking for.
NOTE: Sometimes the scenery could be in Walls, fences or even the trees, so be sure to search in them categories too!
If you find what you were looking for try placing it. Your game MAY crash, if it does immediately delete what you downloaded as your computer was not able to handle the file, it could of taken up to much memory RAM.

If it does not crash and allows you to place it, the test is complete!

Known bug, sometimes it may crash even if you have a high-end computer! This is because RCT3 was ONLY made to handle 1 GB of RAM. For example I have 4GB of ram and it used to only use 1 GB ram. So I searched on google and I found a handy piece of software that allows you to make any program use your full amount of RAM. The program is called "Large Address Aware" you can download the .zip of the .exe file here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=34392&d=1269231650

I hope you found this guide useful! Keep checking back RCT3+ for more guides! Share it with your friends!


ATHCatwalk and Accessories Set

This DUEL-Pack of custom scenery includes exactly 154 items! Consisting of a small range of support to TONS of catwalks to BOOST the reality in your coasters!

By a DUEL-Pack of custom scenery I mean two scenery sets in ONE.

  • One called "Catwalk Accessories"

  • The other called "Catwalk Set"
Full credit to ATH.

download it here:

Hope this helped!

Cmoney's Station Set

A neat small station set by Cmoney is perfect for simple, yet more appealing stations. 

Comes with 8 total scenery items. 2 wooden platforms, 3 metal duel station platforms, 2 standard square station platforms and one flat, neat little metal platform.

Full credit to Cmoney.

You can download the set here:

Hope this helped,

Animated Lava - [JSC]

Animated lava is here! Check out [JSC]'s animated lava! Great for volcanic park that just need to add some great roasting hot lava to spice up their volcanic hot rides!

Full credit to JSC.

You can download the Custom Scenery here (readme inside):

Just extract the zip file, read the readme and follow the instructions!

More scenery on the way!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Welcome To RCT3+

Hello everyone!

Welcome to RCT3+! A great source to improve your Roller Coaster Tycoon's experience by far!

Here are a few Questions&Answers.
Q: Why did you make this website/blog?
A: I created this blog because I used to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 a lot when I was younger, back then there was a huge community. Now the community has somewhat died down a lot - Thus making it much harder to find these things...
#Guides, tips and tricks on the game.
#Custom Scenery downloads (I'll be collecting as many as I can (even those lost ones)) and try to hunt down as many CS sets as I can and post them here!
#Links to communities (some good active RCT3 forums)

Q: Why the name RCT3+?
A: I wanted to think of a name around the lines of "Upgrade your RCT3 experience" - so with that in mind I came up with RCT3+! The '+' stands for 'extra' or 'more' so imagine the name 'RCT3more' or 'RCT3extra', doesn't sound right does it? So RCT3+ means 'EXTRA/MORE  RCT3' which perfectly suites the purpose of this site .

Q: When this blog is up and going how often do you plan to update it?
A: I don't "plan" to update it at any certain schedule or pattern, I simply post here when I have something on RCT3 to talk about and/or find new CS Sets or other featured, good content that I think should be posted here.

Q: How did you make this blog? It doesn't look like any blogger template.
A: That's because I used my coding skills to 'super-edit' the layout and the javascript to suit the website's needs and style. It's taken a bit of time, but it's sure worth it.

Q: Is this that major-website you were building as a game?
A: No, no, no. Not at all. My main website is a fun social game which is currently under construction. This website is just a blog for players of RCT3 and the community.

Please keep checking back and please share this to any other RCT3 players you are aware of!